Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pennington Biomedical PCOS Study in Baton Rouge

I saw a couple of PCOS pages on Facebook posting about this trying to help get the word out about it, so I thought I might also. If you're interested all you need to do is go to

Study Qualifications

  • Female only
  • Have an irregular menstrual period
  • Age: 20-40 years
  • BMI 25 and above

If you qualify you can be compensated up to $1,500 for participation and all study related expenses will be covered (exercise sessions, medications, and procedures). It's a ten month study and will require multiple trips to Baton Rouge, LA.

I've signed up for consideration and have pre-qualified, so now I just have to wait. When I signed up I thought I would be needed to be there three times for the overnight visits, but I was wrong. I just found out while writing this post that I would need to be there for 30 clinic visits, 3 overnight visits, and 2 screening visits. If I lived closer I would have no problems using the money from the study to use only for my gas and hotel stays, but living in Northeast Alabama I don't think that would cover most of it. Oh well, maybe on of the hospitals in Atlanta or Birmingham will do one soon!

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