Thursday, May 30, 2013

PCOS Support On Facebook

Like many of you, I like Facebook. I'll get on there and comment on my friends status and pictures, but what I like the most is using it to connect with other women that have PCOS and finding new ways to deal with it. Below you'll find all of the pages and groups that I follow. Do you know of a page or group that I'm missing out on?

Conquer Your PCOS

 Power Up for PCOS

PCOS Awareness


PCOS Support Group





PCOS Weight Warriors


  1. I'm living with PCOS and I'm trying to start a support group for women in Arkansas. Any advice?

  2. Hi, Brittnay! Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you!!! Ok, my advice? I'm not sure what kind of area you're in, but if it's anything like mine don't expect it to be a hit right off the bat. I'm not trying to a downer or anything just sharing my experience. You're going to come across women that have PCOS but aren't interested in the group. No matter what you say. And that's ok, you'll want people that are ready to talk about it. They'll come when they're ready. =)

    The hardest part for me was finding a place to meet. If you have a hard time finding one look up where the other groups are meeting. If you need more ideas let me know and I'll try to help.

    Get in touch with your local tv and radio stations and see if they will help you spread the word. The radio stations here will make PSAs (public service announcements) for local non-profit organizations, so they should there too. And don't forget the newspaper and make sure they put it on their website if they have one! If you can, get in touch with all of them about two weeks before your first meeting so they might have time to reach a few women and you have some more people there.

    Print flyers and leave them around town. One of my friends, who also has PCOS, works at Office Max and she took care of having them made. Make sure it has when and where to meet and contact information. Leave them all over town! Doctor's offices, gyms, boutiques, the grocery store, college campuses, libraries, the court house, everywhere. Ask your friends and family to help you.

    Make an event of Facebook when you find out when your first meeting will be and share it.

    Let the first meeting be a get to know each other kind of thing and then discuss about if they all want to meet and again and how often. If they do try to have a list of topics occasionally to talk about if there's a lull in the conversation.

    And my last tip is talk about having guest speakers! There's so many people that could entail. Trainers, therapists, dermatologists, endocrinologists/PCOS specialist, makeup artist, stylist, acupuncturist, etc.

    Ok, now that I've rambled on I hope that I've helped you at least a little bit! lol If there's anything specifically that I didn't address and you need ideas on don't hesitate to ask! E-mail me at

    Shannon =)