Saturday, March 30, 2013

Update On My Support Group

So, last month was make it or break it for the support group I was hoping to start. It was a bust. I kind of that it was going to be, because my friend and I didn't receive any calls or messages from women asking about it.

I got to the library and my friend, Amanda, met me there and she brought a friend with her. While I am happy that I tried and did reach out to another woman, I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I posted flyers all over town, shared it on Facebook, made a page on, and was supposed to have the support of the local radio stations (I never heard them mention it on air) and it didn't seem to matter. Amanda had met some women that PCOS and was telling them about the support group, but they weren't interested in coming. Oh well, life goes on.

Last week I received an e-mail from telling me that there was a woman that was added to my group. She doesn't live in this area, but I'm going to send her a message and try to figure out how I can be there for her.

Then, Amanda texted me telling me that she had received a message from woman who had seen one of the flyers I had posted and was wondering when our next meeting was! lol I think we're going to meet next week at one of the restaurants and get something to eat. Maybe in time we will get a few more ladies.


  1. I'm interested in your group. Where can I find it? Is it online? Thanks. Caroline

  2. Hi, Caroline! I was trying to start the support group in person, but I think I might have more luck online. I just started one today, so it's going to be pretty small for a little while. I would love it if you joined! =)

    1. Hi, I came upon your blog via the meetup site. I'm doing research on PCOS and speaking to women about their experiences and frustrations dealing with being diagnosed or suspecting a diagnosis of PCOS. Would you be willing to speak to me for a few min on the phone or answering a couple of questions by email? I would appreciate your insight.
      thank you for any consideration. You can reach me via my linkedin account.

    2. Hi, Louise! I tried to find out how to contact you through linkedin, but I didn't have any luck. You can reach me at and we can go from there. I would love to talk on the phone, I just don't want to post my phone number here. Hope to talk to you soon!