Monday, November 5, 2012

Music Monday!

I love music! I really don't think that I could live without it. Well, I guess I could, but my quality of life would be pretty bad! lol Music has had an effect on me since elementary school (at least) and has changed my life. I played the trumpet for ten years and horn for four. I played in my high school band, the local youth orchestra, church at times, in college, and in drum corps for one season (Spirit of Atlanta). I love to sing, but I'll be the first one to tell you that I'm awful at it! lol 

Part of why I love music so much is that I'm not the greatest at expressing how I feel, but I can still get what I'm feeling across if I share a song or the lyrics. It also sort of helps me heal. Knowing that someone else can relate to me helps me feel that I'm not totally alone. So, I guess that it can be therapeutic. This is why I'm starting Music Mondays. There might be a song I feel that either myself or other women I know with PCOS can relate to. 

I was listening to Pandora last night and heard this song. It got me thinking about all of the insecurities that I have because of my PCOS, and even though I have them it's just another part of who I am. I can't control it, but I can control my outlook on it and try to keep my symptoms from getting worse. And even with all of my insecurities and my flaws I am a pretty awesome person. Inside and out. I think we all need to try to be a little bit nicer to ourselves. 

 Sarah Hayes - Lovely
 I don't wanna be hurt
I just want to be little old me
Shouldn't have to think
Who am I suppose to be today
And what give you the right
To tell me who I should be
Who gave you that right

Cause I, I feel lovely
Just the way that I am
Yes I feel lovely
The way that I am

I know you want the best
Yeah only good things for me
But you have to realize
I can be all these things you project on me
Cause I'm beautiful to me
Doesn't that mean a thing

I feel lovely
Just the way that I am
Yes I feel lovely
The way that I am

I need that to be enough for you
Need that to be enough for you
Cause it's enough for me
It's enough for me

I'm I suppose to give up everything I am
Just to make you happy
I thought I was the one you
Always wanted me to be
It turns out I'm just little old me
I'm just little old me
And that's fine by me

Cause I, I am lovely
Just the way that I am
Oh yes I am,
Yes I am lovely
The way that I am
I am lovely lovely
I am lovely

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