Monday, February 25, 2013

Finally! Something That's Helped With My Razor Burn!

I miss the days when I could just shave my legs and it was no big deal. It seems like one day my skin just decided to turn on me. A few hours after I shaved my legs looked like they had hives all over them. I changed razors and shaving cream. I tried pretty much anything I could find, but I eventually decided on Aveeno Active Naturals Therapeutic Shave Gel and Gillette's Venus razor. They seemed to work together pretty good together until about six months ago. I finally got tired of it and asked at the health food store where I bought my progesterone cream at if they had any suggestions. Boy, I'm glad that I did!

I thought that I had bought some lotion, so when I got home and found out that it felt like sunblock I was pretty skeptic. lol I looked on the back of the bottle and saw the directions saying it was a shaving cream and felt really silly. But, I tried it out last night and I love it! I don't have any razor burn! *Knock on wood*

It was a little expensive, $7.99, but that's for 11ounces. Make sure you don't have too much water on your skin, it doesn't lather very well. I didn't get the closest shave, but it was been pretty cool here today and I went outside in my pjs, so I'm sure that's part of it. If you see Kiss My Face's moisture shave give it a try! You can buy it online here, and they also have the smaller ones if you want to try that one first. Hope this helps!

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