Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Workout Buddy

I think I mentioned yesterday about how I've been taking my dog for a walk. My sister had been the one taking him, but one morning I was watching the Today show and saw app called Charity Miles. Basically, it's a free app that you download and based on how much you walk, run, or bike they're supposed to make a donation to a charity that they let you choose from (I wish there was a PCOS charity). I don't want to know if they don't donate to charity or not! This app has helped to get my off my butt and feel like I'm helping someone! I like that it times you and tells you how far you've walked, too.

Another app that I use while I'm walking Charlie is Fit Radio. Any other time I listen to Pandora, but what I like about Fit Radio is that I know the music is always going to have a faster tempo. I'm sure there are good workout stations on Pandora, but I haven't found them. Plus, there's fewer commercials on Fit Radio.

I'll turn those two apps on and then I'm good to go! Snuggles (aka Charlie) and I will usually walk about 2 miles or so. Here's a picture of my walking buddy! In case you can't tell...he's not rotten one bit!

I think women with PCOS would benefit from having a dog. If I'm stressed he'll sit in the recliner with me, yes he thinks he's a lap dog, and lay with me. Just him sitting with me letting me pet him makes me feel loved and not alone. He makes me laugh at the silly things he does. And taking him for walks helps me, too. I love my dog!!!

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