Friday, February 1, 2013

The New Huggies Commercial

This Sunday is Superbowl Sunday. So, of course they've started airing some of the new commercials. The other night I was watching Nashville, love that show, and saw the new(er) Huggies commercial. If you haven't seen it it shows a couple reacting to a positive pregnancy test. Up until the past couple of months stuff like this never really bothered me, but this one got to me. As I get to know more and more women with PCOS and hear their struggle conceiving the more stuff like this gets me.

The first time I saw it I actually got a little teary eyed, which is unusual for me. I just thought of all of the women that will see it and think "Why can't that happen to me?" I guess part of why it bothered me so much is because if it hit me like this and I'm not even trying to have a baby how bad is it going to get to the couples that are?

Something must be going on with me. The other day I saw Law & Order SVU was on usa and there was nothing on so that's what I put the tv on. As soon as I did I wish that I hadn't. There was still a few minuets left in the episode "Inconceivable." I did a blog post about it here. As soon as it came on I knew which episode it was and started to cry. My mom was watching tv with me and it was so hard to make it where she didn't know. Anyway...

I came across this song a few weeks ago and thought a lot of ladies could relate to it. I hope this helps!

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