Sunday, February 3, 2013

Losing Weight Is Not The Key To Happiness

So...I just saw this Medifast commercial. What is it with me and the commercials?!?! There are these two women standing in a kitchen talking. They seem to maybe be twins, or something, one is thin and the other is a little heavier. The heavier lady is telling the thin lady thank you and kind of crying. It turns out that they're the same woman. The thinner and heavier versions of this woman are standing there talking.

I keep seeing stuff like this everywhere! Yes, I am trying to lose some weight. But, I'm not doing it for the "instant happiness" these companies are trying to sell. Just because someone (men included) has some extra weight does not mean that they're unattractive or undesirable! I'm not saying that losing weight is a bad thing. But, if you're doing it for other people or to fill a void you're not fixing what's wrong deep down in your soul.

In 2001 I marched trumpet for the drum corps, Spirit. That was the longest and hardest summer ever! We traveled all over the country and worked out butts off! I came home afterwards two sizes smaller and had a great tan. People that I had known for years didn't know who I was. lol It was a great feeling! The battle with my weight started when I was in 4th grade. Every now and then I would lose some weight, but nothing like this.

At the time I was almost 20 and was fixing to start my second year in college. I had never had a boyfriend and had yet to go on a date. I can't believe I'm sharing this! lol After band camp started for my college band I thought this guy was flirting with me. He was a few years older than me and knew me before I had marched with Spirit. We ended up going on a date and he was my first boyfriend. I remember just feeling so alive! This is what had been wrong with me. I must have been too fat.

Things didn't last long, but I realized how wrong I had been. I didn't date anyone for a long time after that, but I eventually did. We were together for over six years and I know without a doubt that he loved every part of me. If you've listened to outside voices and they've made you feel that you can't be loved or appreciated unless you lose weight...don't listen to them!

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